Watch: Brandon’s Brain Melts During an Absolute Train Wreck of a Presser

Brandon, for whatever reason his two brain cells decided on, thought that giving a presser would be a good idea. Boy was he wrong. It was an utter disaster for Slow Joe, a complete and utter mistake, something that Edward Snowden, not exactly a right-winger, almost immediately pointed out on Twitter.

Why was it a disaster? Well, a lot of reasons. To begin with, Brandon appeared completely out of touch when sentient. At a time when the money printers at the Fed and supply chain issues are sending inflation rocketing higher and higher, he decided to pat himself on the back, saying that he’s actually “outperformed” and that his administration, so far has been a “job well done.”

Specifically, he said “I didn’t overpromise, but I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.” Given that his approval ratings are in the low 30s, I think it’s safe to say that America disagrees and that Brandon’s reasoning is as faulty as Jerry Nadler’s portion control. So, he was widely mocked on Twitter, further proving Snowden’s point: Read more

8 thoughts on “Watch: Brandon’s Brain Melts During an Absolute Train Wreck of a Presser”

  1. This man is the best BSr in the world.He can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo.I believe after this preformance he will make it the next 3 years.We have more crazy people in America than sane people.

  2. I kinda agree with Dementia Joe about doing 2 things no other President has ever done before. He completely opened our Southern Border and Destroyed the United States Economy in just under 1 year. Hell even the Greatest Depression took longer to destroy our economy. Then take the Cackling Pantsuits take on her visit to the border she is supposedly in charge of. Her reply was,” I actually did visit the border,” then cackled about it. In truth she was never even near the border and the closest she ever got was over 20 miles away from it. She has spent more time and effort springing members of Antifa and BLM from jail after they get arrested for looting,Rioting and committing Arson. These 2 complete Morons are systematically destroying this country while Nancy Plainlousy and Chuckie Schumer help them by keeping the January 6th Sham Investigation going wasting untold billions of our taxes while doing nothing to help America out of this mess

  3. Ya’ll seen enough yet? the Whole Global Cabal deserves dirt naps. Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun! NCSWIC, WWG1WGA.

  4. If there was any doubt about Biden’s competence it was dispelled at his marathon press conference. He is either stupid or a significant liar for not being able to see his Presidency is a total wreck so far.

    1. You got that right ! Biden/Kamala are destroying the US we all loved. There has to be a way to get rid of both of them and have a new special election to right the wrong that has been done to America.

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