LOL: Kamala Explodes on the Today Show

Kamala just isn’t that pleasant of a person. I know, I know. It’s hard to believe. Despite the reports of staffers fleeing her because of just how terrible it is to work for her, her omnipresent cackle, that ear-grating laugh that crops up almost every time she’s asked a tough question, makes it easy to believe that she’s super pleasant.

Just kidding, of course. Except for the first part; she’s awful, as we most recently got to see when she absolutely exploded on the Today Show, completely losing it because…they asked her a real question rather than acting completely like Democrat lackeys. Watch her here: Read more

10 thoughts on “LOL: Kamala Explodes on the Today Show”

  1. what laws are put in place that she says make it harder for anyone to vote?? they keep saying it but dont tell what it is??

    1. They are creating a straw man argument about laws to make it ‘harder to vote’. Laws against theft make it harder to shop.
      Laws against murder make it harder to get close to people.
      Laws against speeding make it harder to get where we’re going.
      Democrats do not care whether their votes are real or fake so long as they are counted.

    2. Armed and Dangerous

      Bogus arguments. Single mother with 3 kids in the back seat can’t vote? What does she do when she goes to the doctor (think OBGYN) or dentist. Get a baby sitter idiot. Disabled person has to mail in ballot? Why? Disabled people find a way to buy groceries, clothes, go to ball games etc. but can’t find a way to get to a poll? The dems don’t want to make it easier to vote, they want to make it easier to cheat.

    3. They think that impoverished areas don’t have access to get ID’s and drivers licenses. So they suggest that you shouldn’t have to show any identification in order to vote. Imagine all the illegals that came across the border this year alone….thanks to this administration. Now which way do you think they’re going to vote? Anyone and everyone would be able to vote and they want people to use more of the mail in ballots for any reason. It’s a huge area for corruption and always has been.

  2. Harris is spouting Non Partisan, strictly From the Democratic Socialist Views, The Demands of their own Party. She thinks they have all the answers and refuses to hear, listen, or change from that stance.
    More than Half of Americans believe the only way to maintain Honest and Fair Elections is by Proving who you are, and an American Citizen by presenting a valid Photo ID. It is Not Discriminating.
    The Only People without an ID are either hiding from the Law, or wanting to cheat.
    Casting a Ballot as an Absentee Ballot, Must prove who they are, by Requesting a Ballot in writing, Registered to Vote, and Only in the Precinct they are Registered in…Not in a Drop Box.
    If a disabled person, or as Harris tries to say, a Mother with kids, then Write to the Precinct, and Request an Absentee Ballot, and mail it back in within 30 days to have your vote counted. Everyone who wants to vote should abide by their own State Laws in doing so.

  3. Sever Consequences . Happen ….When Your Country is …’Overthrown’ a ..’Coup’….U.S.A. now .in Total Free Fall……..

  4. Harris is nothing but a lying, corrupt dirt bag. She has no sense of reality or what is going on.
    This shows in everything she does & says. She is a disgrace & embarrassment to this country as is Biden. The election of 2020 was fraudulent. There is plenty of proof. The democrats decided what was best for the American people so we have the fraudulent election of 2020. Due to their stupidity, Biden has been allowed to make one mistake after another. All of which President Trump, who is the legal president, had under control. Our vote was stolen.
    All of these people should be in jail. The “fake media” does not tell us the truth, just what they think we should know. Who are they to decide what the American people should know? Guthrie is no better. You think this interview was bad? What about the so called
    interview when Guthrie was hosting President Trump? She yelled & kept yelling so President Trump could not get a word in. He kept his cool. Guthrie was totally unprofessional, acted like a shrew. Trump made her look like a fool which she is & acted like one. Totally unprofessional of Guthrie.

  5. She needs to shut her mouth and impress us with getting her job done. All to much talk and little actions. Give her a script and turn her mouth on. Didn’t answer one question just yapped around them.

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