TRAGIC: Look What This Major Grocery Store Has To Do For It’s Customers Because Of Biden’s Bare Shelves

Though Brandon might have claimed that 89% of store shelves in the US were full during his disaster of a presser, America’s businessmen are having to deal with reality rather than words and the reality is that their shelves are not full.

One such person is Giant Food president Ira Kress, who sent out what was surely a humiliating email to the store’s shoppers, explaining that supply chain issues were making it near-impossible for the store to fully restock its shelves.

Explaining the issue to customers, he said “As our entire region manages through yet another very challenging period caused by several recent weather events and the ongoing effects of the pandemic, we have experienced significant strain on our supply chain. Please know that we remain 100% committed to serving you, and in providing you the absolute best shopping experience in the market.

Consumers online backed up the president’s words with images, sharing pictures of the chain’s empty shelves in Twitter posts that went viral: Read more