MASSIVE CORRUPTION: You Won’t Believe What Illegals Are Now Allowed To Use Their ARREST Warrants For

Don’t want illegal immigrants to rampage through the country at will, often having their housing and lawyers paid for with your tax dollars despite the damage they do to our country?

Well, then Trump was your man. In Trump’s America, the illegal immigration problem was mostly solved and the issue that remained was how to deport the ones that were already here.

In Brandon’s America, however, asking for the government to keep the border secure is far, far too much to ask. Instead, he’s going to let them flood over in whatever numbers they want while the agents of the state stand idly by or are punished for intervening.

In fact, according to a statement to Fox News, the TSA is now letting illegals use their arrest warrants as ID at the airport. Rather than being arrested, they’re being allowed to flaunt their illegal status. Read more