This LA Child Rapist Might Not Get Jail Time For One SICKENING Reason

Think that the vicious criminals who rape 10-year-olds should be, at the very least, locked up for a long, long time and have to suffer what they may in prisons? Well, you’re not alone; most sane people would also respond affirmatively.

Unfortunately, many of the leftist DAs that are turning America’s cities are not sane. They, instead of focusing on protecting law-abiding citizens from the horrific acts of violence committed by demented, evil criminals, are worried about “rehabilitation” and treating brutal thugs with kid gloves.

One example of such pro-criminal sentiment comes from LA, where DA George Gascon is hesitating to prosecute a 26-year-old that raped a 10-year-old because the rapist is a transgender. And that’s despite the rape being truly horrific. Here’s what the Daily Mail reports happened:

A mentally disturbed transgender woman who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl could be allowed to serve her sentence under house arrest, after the Los Angeles County district attorney refused to prosecute the 26-year-old as an adult for the crime committed shortly before their 18th birthday. Read more