This LA Child Rapist Might Not Get Jail Time For One SICKENING Reason

Think that the vicious criminals who rape 10-year-olds should be, at the very least, locked up for a long, long time and have to suffer what they may in prisons? Well, you’re not alone; most sane people would also respond affirmatively.

Unfortunately, many of the leftist DAs that are turning America’s cities are not sane. They, instead of focusing on protecting law-abiding citizens from the horrific acts of violence committed by demented, evil criminals, are worried about “rehabilitation” and treating brutal thugs with kid gloves.

One example of such pro-criminal sentiment comes from LA, where DA George Gascon is hesitating to prosecute a 26-year-old that raped a 10-year-old because the rapist is a transgender. And that’s despite the rape being truly horrific. Here’s what the Daily Mail reports happened:

A mentally disturbed transgender woman who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl could be allowed to serve her sentence under house arrest, after the Los Angeles County district attorney refused to prosecute the 26-year-old as an adult for the crime committed shortly before their 18th birthday. Read more

4 thoughts on “This LA Child Rapist Might Not Get Jail Time For One SICKENING Reason”

  1. The DA should be removed from office stripped of everything that office got him , disbarred for life, barred from all offices paid for by tax dollars(No Government jobs), then he and the man who raped the child should have their Penises removed by a meat tenderizer hammer. Then dropped into the Worst men’s prison in America. The prisoners and guards told of their crime and that anything but death is allowed. Kill them take the punishment on. If the wacko man does not have his penis still then double his time behind bars. They both should get at least 15 years before even being thought of for parole.

    1. Christine Andrews

      AMEN. Sadly CA is turning into third world SHIT HOLE FROM HELL. How do you lower crime rates? MAKE EVERYTHING LEGAL. Age of consent will probably get lowered to like 5, cause child sex is now being promoted as a viable/ normal choice for sex partners and there is no proof children being sexually active is harmful. WORDS OF THE MAGGOTS in office & alleged EXPERTS promoting EVIL INSANITY as SATANS MINIONS. HORRIFIC & disgusting. UNREAL AS WELL, but actually happening. NAUSEATING.

  2. Dennis Karoleski

    A supposedly intelligent adult who still professes to believe its possible to magically transform biological human males into a females despite DNA easily and irrefutably proves that a medical and scientific impossibility is probably insane. Those who can’t comprehend DNA but still insist it possible because they wish it to be so are probably just stupid.


    More evidence of what has invariably come from the constitutional framers’ rejection of the Bible’s Criminal JUSTICE System, under which this rapist would not be imprisoned for any length of time, at the expense of the innocent, but rather immediately put to death upon conviction (per Ecclesiastes 8:11) etc.

    Classic case of one of the multifarious consequences of the Constitutional Republic’s CRIMINAL Justice System that today’s alleged Christians and patriots are hell-bent (pun intended) to promote with their ardent support of the biblically seditious Constitution!

    Time to wake up people! You’ve been had when it comes to the biblical compatibility of the Constitution.

    For more evidence, see free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective,” in which every Article and Amendment is *examined* by the Bible, at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page.

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

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