Watch: Pentagon Releases New Declassified Videos

The Pentagon has just released a previously classified video of a United States drone strike that resulted in 10 innocent civilians being killed. The strike came less than 24 hours after suicide bombers of ISIS-K detonated bombs that were strapped to themselves, resulting in 13 U.S. troops and over 160 Afghans being killed.

The video footage is about 25 minutes in length and depicts two Reaper drones navigating the area of the scene where the airstrike occurred. When the strike first occurred, Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley declared this strike as a “righteous kill”. Milly went on to claim that the airstrike itself didn’t kill any civilians, but rather a secondary explosion killed civilians due to explosives being in the vehicle that was targeted.

The New York Times, however, refuted Milley’s claims and did some investigative journalism on the ground in Kabul. The investigation revealed that the alleged ISIS-K Member who the Pentagon killed was no ISIS-K member at all, but rather a worker for a California NGO called Nutrition Education International.

Here is a clip of the declassified videos: 

The airstrike that you saw in the video killed a total of 10 civilians and, unfortunately, 7 of the 10 were children. Most of the world witnessed the United States withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was a complete disaster. The airport was completely un-secure and US troops were basically cornered from all directions.

After a suicide blast killed 13 U.S. troops and close to 200 Afghans, it appears the Biden admin and Pentagon panicked. To make it appear that the United States had everything under control, the Department of Defense launched a reckless airstrike which was hailed by the Pentagon and Biden as a success, however, it was far from that. Read more