Okay This Is Beyond NUTS, This Pro-Biden Ad Might be the WORST Ad Ever

Watch this ad and, while watching it, try to remember that someone actually thought that creating this and then running it was a good idea:

Yes, the claims it makes are, without exception, are dumb and baseless. And yes, it looks absolutely horrific; as Ben Dreyfuss put it on Twitter, “This ad looks like it was made on their phone at 3am by someone drunk in an Uber on their way home.” Bingo.

Those facts are bad enough and would make the ad well worth laughing at. But, even more ridiculously and hilariously, someone thought that bringing up the “Brandon” thing in a pro-Biden ad was a good idea!

Yeah, that’s right. They used “Brandon” as an acronym to try to list out Brandon’s accomplishments, none of with are actually real and almost all of which aren’t exactly the issues Americans care about. Read more