This Is The Number ONE Reason Why Howard Stern Is a COWARD

Well, at least Stern is now. In the past, Howard Stern was, though not a conservative, a super funny, edgy guy. He was a lib, but, if you were looking for someone that would go rogue on the airwaves and crack you up, he was the guy. More than that, he was a valiant fighter in the battle for free speech that got fired more than once for standing up for his right to speak freely.

That’s all gone now, he’s a prattling, leftist twit that rants endlessly about the vaccine, but it’s important to remember that he hasn’t always been this way.

In any case, the two worlds of Tucker and Howard Stern, the best and the worst, collided on Thursday when Tucker did an epic takedown and obliterated Stern, saying (correctly) that he’s gone from being brave and courageous to being a “quivering” coward. Watch him here: Read more