(VIDEO) UNBELIEVABLE! The FBI Just Raided The Most Unexpected Place!

The Center of Covid Control has received over $124 million in federal aid for reimbursements for Covid-19 testing. Investigators have discovered that the Center of Covid Control has the same registration address as Doctors Clinical Library which has conducted hundreds of thousands of PCR tests around the United States, however, a spokesperson for the Center For Covid Control said they are two separate entities.

FBI agents have just executed a raid at a COVID-19 testing center located in Chicago, Illinois. After obtaining a search warrant, federal agents raided a pop-up testing center called the Center for COVID Control after a long investigation was conducted by multiple attorney generals and the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Read more

4 thoughts on “(VIDEO) UNBELIEVABLE! The FBI Just Raided The Most Unexpected Place!”

  1. America has an inherently corrupt Government, which likes to leap before they look. They have no problem dishing out millions of taxpayer dollars, without checking first. One should be threatened with 20 years in jail, full restitution, confiscation of all assets when fraud is committed against the Government and it’s taxpayers. The same could be said for the PPP. Most of that money was gobbled up by business’s that didn’t even need it, including Trump
    Unless the gov’t., is willing to make a big example of people taking advantage of the U.S. Taxpayer, it’s just going to continue. America doesn’t have a prison complex like in Siberia, where we can send these fraudsters, though maybe building a prison complex in Alaska near the Arctic Circle might help.

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