WTF??? You Will Never Guess What Is Classified As “Hate Speech” Now!

George Orwell’s 1984 isn’t the only book that woke, European censors are coming for out of concern for the weak of heart and easily offended. No, in an even worse and darker move, the Finnish government’s top prosecutor just labeled Biblical quotations as “hate speech.”

The comment came on January 24th, during the trial of two Christian Finns that are currently on trial for teaching the Biblical view on sex and marriage. Apparently, they have real faith, unlike the woke Catholics running Viterbo University.

As background, the trial is taking place because of a tweet; former Finnish interior minister Paivi Rasanen tweeted out a picture of a Biblical passage that describes homosexuality as a sin. As a result, she’s being prosecuted for “hate speech.”

The Federalist reports this about the trial and the prosecutor’s comment that the Bible is hate speech:

In the trial’s opening arguments, which will resume on Feb. 14, Finnish prosecutors described quotations from the Bible as “hate speech.” Finland’s top prosecutor’s office essentially put the Bible on trial, an unprecedented move for a secular court, said Paul Coleman, a human rights lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom International who is assisting in the Finns’ legal defense and was present during Monday’s trial. Read more