BREAKING – A U.S. Supreme Court Justice Is Now Retiring

As of December 28th, 2021, a Supreme Court Justice again was resisting retirement, depressing Democrats, and exciting the GOP.

A staunch liberal, Breyer, 83, has been either a federal appellate judge or a Supreme Court justice for 41 years, nearly half his life.

Following his public statements that he would not be retiring at the end of the Supreme Court’s last term, the cancel culture kicked into high gear.

Breyer has faced a wave of criticism to resign so that President Joe Biden can nominate a successor in his first term was already overwhelming.

Breyer’s comments to CNN’s Joan Biskupic kicked criticism from the left into overdrive: “a pathological disregard for other human beings,” Adam Serwer wrote. “[T]his is about ego,” Demand Justice’s Brian Fallon added. Or, as Imani Gandy put it: “What the hell, man?” Read more