(VIDEO) Man BODYSLAMS KAREN After She Does The Unthinkable

These entitled Karens are really getting out of control. This security guard was simply minding how own business when he noticed a crazy Karen attempting to shoplift from the store. She tried assaulting him so he had no choice but to body slam her… it was quite the altercation to watch. Oh yeah, she also gets arrested. Check out the video below. Read more

31 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Man BODYSLAMS KAREN After She Does The Unthinkable”

  1. We are experiencing vandalism against church’s by people who have no idea what the 10 commandments says. This is the glue that was keeping us on a
    path of freedom. With the rules provided us by God a free society is genuinely
    possible. There is nothing on the left to take the place of God and his rules.
    I could continue with examples of this but those of my age will understand what
    I am saying.

    1. Rochelle Sollish

      I agree. However, in CA looters take out bags of shoplifted items and security does nothing. I wish they would treat all shoplifters as they did this woman. In NY you can’t accuse anyone of shoplifting until they leave the store with the item(s). In any event we need to start going back to punishing law breakers at all levels.

  2. I wish every shop lifter were dealt with like that since it is a crime. Can’t help but wonder what a firestorm it would be if the security was white and the shop lifter was black. Can’t really blame this “Karen” when all she sees lately are people taking what they want without paying… Just saying.

    1. She literally asked him why she couldn’t shop lift there when he was restraining her! I guess she thought EVERY state now lets you run out with anything you want as long as it is under $1,000!

  3. I’m almost positive that had the races been reversed, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have made a newsworthy event out of it !!

  4. Good job by security – the only fault I see is he let her back up on her feet after having her down on the ground – keep them down until the police arrive to avoid injury to yourself and them.

    1. I suspect he let her up to avoid injuring the Karen that was being so sympathetic to her! I’m betting that woman’s kid has been caught shop lifting more than once! Why else would she be taking a criminals side and trying to make security turn her loose?

  5. I find it funny how they want to stop a white lady for shoplifting but they’re scared to stop a black man or woman for shoplifting. Use that same energy for all races.

    1. I highly doubt this guy really cares what race the shoplifter is. Seems like he is more than ready to do the job he was hired to do! BTW, they are not afraid to stop black’s who shoplift, their state Attorney Generals and their state Governors have forbidden them from stopping ANYONE from shop lifting unless they take more than $950!

    2. Where I live you can’t arrest someone if they haven’t left the store with the merchandise.How can she be charged if she was still in the store?

    1. There are states where it is ILLEGAL to stop people who are stealing under $950 worth of goods! Why do you think most of the Walgreens shut down in CA? And now even their high end stores are closing because once the drug stores were shut, they started on the expensive stores!

  6. If this were in N. Cal, it wouldn’t even be an altercation because she could walk right out with her purse packed to the brim.

  7. A lot of businesses let them go because they are afraid they will get sued. I commend this guy for sticking with it. It has to stop. Businesses lose billions of dollars a year to shoplifting and that drives the cost up on the products they sell. Already figured in. In my state, that constitutes second degree robbery because she assaulted him in trying to take her stolen goods to get away. I hope they charge her with assault too.

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