The Number of Police Killed SO FAR in 2022 is STAGGERING

It’s less than a month into 2022 and thugs have already murdered five police officers in three states, those horrific murders standing as a testament to the massive crime wave sweeping across the country.

As Breitbart reports, one murder happened in LA, where Officer Fernando Arroyos was murders by gang-affiliated thugs while shopping for a home with his girlfried. He died bravely, shot while helping his girlfriend escape to safety:

Officer Fernando Arroyos had served three years with the Los Angeles Police Department in California when, on January 10, he was allegedly robbed at gunpoint by members of the F-13 Gang. At the time of the robbery, Arroyos and his girlfriend were looking at a home for sale when the gang members confronted them. Read more

3 thoughts on “The Number of Police Killed SO FAR in 2022 is STAGGERING”

  1. All of this is due to the lack of the Justice system and the city adminstrator for there lack of prosecution and there stance of not doing anything, criminal are getting away with everything and when is stopped by a citzen by force its the citzen who finds himself being charged. Its is time that the Criminal Justice system gets back to doing there job and quit worrying about the Geoge Floyd consequences

  2. Keep Protecting Marxist BLM and ANTIFA. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and AG Garland gave Marxist BLM an entitlement to kill cops.

  3. Blame a Democrat. Make sure all these ignorant voters that voted for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and the liberal commie Democrats on the local State and National level, send Corrupt Quid Pro and the rest of these dead best politicians a thank you card. This is what the Democrats voted for.

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