(VIDEO) “Psychotic White Mass Formation Cult!” Rand Paul Has Some HILARIOUS Advice for those Confronted by Masked Karens!

Many of us have had bad experiences when dealing with mask tyrants in public areas. The masks are uncomfortable, hard to remember, and make us look like a nation of banditos, so it should be understandable that some people might not want to wear them, especially when outside.

The petty tyrants that so love the Covid pandemic because of the power it has granted them and allowed them to flex without respite, however, either don’t get that or don’t care about it; they’d rather just keep screaming at, and sometimes even attacking, everyone who won’t wear a mask.

The most recent example of that was when a black man on an elevator was first harassed by two Karens (white women of the wine mom sort) for not wearing a mask. When he refused to put one on, they started assaulting him while yelling “black lives matter.” Watch that here, but be warned, it’s a lot to handle: Read more

8 thoughts on “(VIDEO) “Psychotic White Mass Formation Cult!” Rand Paul Has Some HILARIOUS Advice for those Confronted by Masked Karens!”

    1. I would have snatched their phones, slapped the hell out of them, and stomped their phones to a million poeces. Racist white democrat bitches, only democrats are this stupid.

  1. TheTruthWillSetYouFree

    These two women need to be identified and charged with assault. Next time they may carry a weapon and kill someone. This craziness needs to stop. If you are so fearful then stay home.

    1. Amen to that. And charges to the full extent of the law. In fact, the punishment should be exactly what they would call for if the shoe were on the other foot!!

  2. Karen attack me? Fear for my life. Pepper spray. Doesn’t stop, 9MM. To quote a friend, “life in prison doesn’t mean too much to an 84 yo”.

  3. You reap what you sow. About time someone stood up to do what’s right. This chick should be thankful she isn’t in a mid-east country where her hands would be chopped off for shoplifting. Mmmm….. maybe we should change our laws.

    Good job from security. That’s what he’s paid for; securing this business. Let’s hope this business owner appreciates the patience and dedication this employee exhibited.
    He should be rewarded positively for his actions!

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