Uh Oh! Look Who Just Got Removed From Spotify!

When Joe Rogan signed his famous, $100 million deal with Spotify, one concern many had was that the beloved podcast host would see his content, much of it far from PC or approved of by the powers that be, censored by the platform.

Fortunately, those fears appear to have been at least mostly unfounded, even in the face of Covid-19 “misinformation” claims. Whereas Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube censor and smack down wrongthink with an iron fist, Spotify has done a good job of resisting the totalitarian impulses of the modern left and letting Rogan speak.

We first saw that when Spotify employees demanded it censor Rogan, or even kick him off the platform, over a conversation he had about the modern transgender situation that some described as “transphobic.” Spotify, taking the path less traveled when it comes to tech companies, refused to do so. It let Rogan keep doing his show as he saw fit.

Now, the demands for censorship coming again, this time from people that insist the podcaster is spreading Covid-19 “misinformation” by allowing doctors and others with non-conventional thoughts to come on his show and explain their theories about what’s going on.

One such person is Neil Young, an aging, hippy musician that issued an ultimatum demanding that Spotify either remove Rogan’s content or his content. Read more