The Voice Actor Behind One of the Most Recognized Cartoon Characters in American History has Died

The voice actor behind one of the most recognized cartoon characters in American history has died from an apparent suicide. Peter Robbins, who was the original voice of Charlie Brown, reportedly took his own life at the age of 65 after years of mental health trouble.

One of the last words Robbins was recorded saying was, “I really need your prayers,” which came from his agent Dylan Novak. The voice actor had a long history of drug abuse and was checked out of rehab as recently as January 18th, 2022. The last place Robbins lived was in California, but his family did not give any more details of the exact location of his death.

Robbins got into the acting business at the tender of age of 7. His first big break as a child actor was in 1965 at the age of 9 when he became the lead voice actor for the iconic classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” followed up with the successful holiday classic with another big role in “It’s A Great Pumpkin” in 1966. Robbin’s voice as Charlie Brown resonated with both children and adults, but at the age of 14, his days of being Charlie Brown were finished due to his voice becoming deeper after puberty. Read more

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