(VIDEO) This Is Who President Trump Says Will Be The 47th President of the United States

President Trump made a major declaration while playing a round of golf at his Mar-a-Lago estate. A video that has been floating around on Twitter the last 24 hours shows Trump setting up his tee and a person recording Trump introduces Trump as the 45th President of the United States, but Trump stops him dead in his tracks and makes a rendition to the man’s statement.

Trump corrected the man and stated “the 45 and 47th President“. The statement by Trump shows that Trump has his eyes on being elected as President in the 2024 election.

Watch the moment when it happened in the video below: Read more

7 thoughts on “(VIDEO) This Is Who President Trump Says Will Be The 47th President of the United States”

  1. If I were Trump, I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. Don’t take anything for granted. 2024 is still a long way off. The liberal commie Democrats don’t play fair, they never did. it’s obvious by the two failed impeachment attempts on Trump. For the liberal commie Democrats it’s win at all costs, even if the win is by being deceitful and dishonest. There is still an investigation in NYS on Trump for Fraud and Tax evasion, and that tax evasion charge will spill over to the IRS. If Trump is indicted Trump will be sitting in a courtroom, instead of out on the road campaigning. The GOP better have a plan (B) just in case.

    1. bingo……very good analysis of what he is up against…..better trump be a “king maker” and avoid their disgraceful attacks………..
      unlike the dim lightbulbs yanking Mumbles strings , telling him what to do, Trump can create a very powerful team to save this nation

  2. President Trump should have been the President in the first place then all that is Happining to our Nation would not have come to pass- But Alss Idiots voted for — —- Biden Now we all have to pay the Price for a few who thinks that we are in Great shape/
    NOT!!! Welcome one and all To HELL!!! on Earth.!!!!

    1. diana
      The country needed to see the comparison between politicians who are bought and paid for and a self-made businessman who not only didn’t take a salary, but also refused donations from corps and special interests……..all hell is going to break lose come 2022 midterms!!!

  3. If ALL is made right, he would be the 17th president of the real United States before it was incorporated under the people’s noses in 1871. But I have little confidence that will happen.

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