Jen Psaki Melts Down after Journalist Asks “Is This What ‘America Is Back’ Means?”

Team Brandon, back in the stable after-glow of Trump’s presidency, in the time when Brandon’s policies hadn’t completely destroyed all the trust and respect that President Trump spent four years rebuilding, liked to use the phrase “America is Back.”

Brandon would jet off somewhere and, if he didn’t act completely senile, his administration would tout the trip as a roaring success, claiming it showed “America is Back.”

Since the utter disasters of the summer, however, that phrase hasn’t been heard much. Starting with the ignominious route from Afghanistan that everyone saw in real time, respect for America fell off a cliff and Team Brandon could no longer claim that “America is Back.”

But some haven’t forgotten the hubris of those early days and remember when Team Brandon would say “America is Back” when taking credit for the respect built by Trump. Now they’re calling him on it.

One such person is a reporter who asked Jen Psaki this: Read more