The UN Wants to Lift Sanctions!

What does the UN do? It takes billions upon billions of dollars from the US and other Western countries and then spends them in whatever way would either be a) the most ineffective by any available metric or b) best embarrasses, humiliates, or otherwise frustrates the policy objectives of those Western powers.

It takes our money and then complains about our gun laws. It puts Syria on the Human Rights Council and then savages Israel for being mean to the Palestinians, ignoring that Assad tortures tens of thousands of people and has used chemical weapons on rebels.

Oh, and now the UN is handing millions of dollars to the Taliban. $20 million a week, to be exact, along with a $32 million lump sum. America and its NATO allies spent twenty years bleeding and dying in that arid hellhole and now the UN is funding, with our own money, those that killed us. It’s infuriating and humiliating.

But that’s not all the UN is up to in Afghanistan. No, now the very head of the United Nations, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, is calling for an end to sanctions on the Taliban.

Speaking to the Security Council, Guterres said At this moment, we need the global community – and this Council – to put their hands on the wheel of progress, provide resources, and prevent Afghanistan from spiraling any further.Read more