The View Panel Accuses Yet Another Patriotic Black Man of Being a “Race Traitor”

What is Clarence Thomas? An amazingly thoughtful and intelligent Supreme Court justice? A hero of sorts that overcame the disadvantages of his upbringing, the prejudices of his time, and the damage done to his career by affirmative action and ended up at the very top of the legal system?

Well, yes, those are both correct answers. But the jabbering parrots on “the View” didn’t arrive at that answer. No, according to those bitter, cackling hens, Clarence Thomas is a “race traitor.” Yes, they really said that. Oh, and they implied that Amy Coney Barrett is a traitor to women.

Those comments, indicative of the hate-filled nonsense that suffused the entire segment, are both truly reprehensive and are quickly becoming mainstream thought on the left, which is firmly committed to the radical ideology of CRT and remains stuck on other grievance studies.

In any case, the racist comments from “The View” began when Haines said “And of course, the representation more than anything, you pointed out, first black woman. There’s only been two black men. Those numbers are a little shocking.

In reply, Sunny Hostin said And one doesn’t really represent the black community,” an echo of Brandon’s “you ain’t black” comment. Haines, rather than stepping in to say that Hostin was wrong and racist to say that, just nodded along and agreed.

Shortly afterward, Joy Behar broke out the sarcastic air quotes and went on a vile rant in which she accused both Clarence Thomas of not really being black and Amy Coney Barrett of not really being a woman. She said:

“You could make the case that somebody like Amy Coney Barrett was put in there because she’s a white woman. Who they say, well, she’ll go against abortion rights and she’s ‘a woman.’ So that was deliberate, I think. Clarence Thomas, ‘a black guy, a black man,’ a justice, okay, I’ll give it to him.” Read more