THIS is Who Controls Black Lives Matter’s $60M Dollar Funds, and It’s NOT Who You Think!

Last year, you could barely turn on the TV without hearing some reference to the Black Lives Matter campaign. Even prominent video games jumped on the bandwagon, with FIFA 2021 updating the game with a propaganda statement about BLM popping up and surreal virtual protests organized in children’s games like Animal Crossing.

Of course, the organization first came to international prominence after months of rioting, looting, and violence across America following the murder of the convicted black criminal George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis in 2020. Copycat protests proceeded to spring up across the Western world, with thousands of campaigners in the world’s major cities sporting BLM placards.

With all that attention the world over, it’s no wonder BLM, which is a registered charity, has built up a stash of donations apparently amounting to over 60 million dollars. Who oversees that money remains a mystery.

According to an investigation by the Washington Examiner, the most recent tax filing for BLM in 2019 used a Los Angeles address that is non-existent and despite registering as a charity in 2020, the group still has not provided its latest tax return. This is a legal requirement and could see them fined by the IRS.

The Washington Examiner also reported that the people who were announced to be taking over the control of the group’s money didn’t ever take up the positions. Read more

6 thoughts on “THIS is Who Controls Black Lives Matter’s $60M Dollar Funds, and It’s NOT Who You Think!”

  1. There will be no fines for this group because the Dims are in charge and their number one rule is “Rules for thee but not for me!” BLM is a great scam by some great con artists who care nothing for the black people.

  2. How does the IRS fine a group/charity whose address does not exist?
    Even more…how did a group with no verifiable address get registered as a charity in the first place?
    How can a “No Address” charity issue anything but Fraudulent Tax Receipts?
    US Tax Law says the address on the Tax Receipts has to be the Genuine address of the Charity.

    NB: Do your home work – write better articles

  3. BLM reached it’s goal of making the leader a millionaire on the stupid donators which was the only reason they/she picked the Blacks as donation cause.As usual the Black Community was used by another Black for her own gain.

    1. Why not! If you remember your high school history, young Africans were captured and sold to the slavers by their own tribesmen!

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