YUGE! Eight States Sue Brandon Over Something President Trump Actually Did!

Brandon’s immigration policies aren’t popular. Whether it’s people calling for his impeachment because of those policies, slamming what he’s up to as a dereliction of duty, or suing him for the utter lawlessness and harms inflicted by his policies, Americans are so sick and tired of the left’s far-left immigration policies that they’re starting to take action to stop them.

Most recently, that’s taken the form of Texas, Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Oklahoma suing Brandon over his use of the Obama-era Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee and Parole Program to shuttle in the family members of those illegal immigrant minors that make it into the country.

Under the program, certain illegal immigrant minors are granted “protected status” by the government. Then, rather than being deported, as they should be under US immigration law, they’re allowed to petition the government to bring in their family members. The program applies to illegals from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Yes, that’s right. Team Brandon is proactively searching out the family members of illegal immigrants and then helping them flood into the country, with all the attendant costs and breaches of immigration law that brings.

So, the aforementioned states filed suit and are attempting to stop the horrid policy, taking to the courts to defend the citizens of their states from the ravages of illegal immigration. Read more