PSYCHOTIC Dr. Fauci Says There Is Only ONE WAY His Political Opponents Can “Heal”

In a published interview on Friday with the far-left publication, The Washington Post, the online paper attempts to present Dr. Anthony Fauci as a hero for his handling the COVID pandemic and as a victim of anti-vaxxers and GOP politicians trying to take him down for political reasons.

Fuasci is also presented as an energizer bunny who just can’t take time off because the anti-Fauci mob is preventing him from working efficiently.

He has not had a day off since the beginning. “I would say I’m in a state of chronic exhaustion.” He quickly adds: “But it’s not exhaustion that’s interfering with my function.” He is a precise man whose tour in the information war has made him extra-vigilant about his words. “I can just see, you know, Laura Ingraham: ‘He’s exhausted! Get rid of him!’”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) have accused Fauci of lying to Congress about his involvement in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants for “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and his finances including investments. Read more

3 thoughts on “PSYCHOTIC Dr. Fauci Says There Is Only ONE WAY His Political Opponents Can “Heal””

  1. One sure way America can heal!

    Arrest Fauci and all CDC, NIH, WHO and big pharma executives involved.

    Fraud and homicide are not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

    RICO laws apply now!

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