(VIDEO) Look Who’s Finally Blasting The Media for Attacking Joe Rogan!

Appearing on hit FNC show “Hannity,” comedian and “podfather” Adam Carolla ripped into the mainstream media. Furious with their calls that hit podcast host Joe Rogan be censored for pushing what they call “misinformation,” he attacked them with a question, asking, “What have you guys been right about?

Watch him blast the liars in the MSM here:

As you can hear in the video, Hannity asks a quite reasonable question: if the people that are so worried about the “misinformation” Rogan is pushing don’t want to listen to him, why can’t they just do the reasonable thing and find something else to listen to? Why does censorship have to be the result?

Carolla hit the nail on the head perfectly, framing the issue not as one of them actually worrying about what’s true, but about them demanding that everyone stick to their talking points. In his words: Read more