These Leftist States were Just Ranked the WORST States to Retire In and California is NOT One of Them

Want to have a nice, pleasant retirement? Well, then you might want to take a look at personal finance website WalletHub’s list of the best states to retire to in 2022. Unsurprisingly, the top two states are red states and two of the bottom three are blue states.

The top two states are Florida and Virginia. Though neither scored best in WalltetHub’s affordability, quality of life, or healthcare factors, their total scores were the highest, as they have quite a few areas they do well in rather than just one area and are generally pleasant and affordable places to live.

Then there’s the bottom of the list. New Jersey is dead last, having done quite poorly, and Mississippi and New York round out the bottom three.

While Mississippi did relatively well in terms of cost of living, it ranked dead last in terms of quality of life and second to last in the healthcare factor, dragging it down to the 49th spot. Perhaps there’s a reason it’s so cheap to live there.

Unsurprisingly, the two blue states in the bottom three were both there because of their affordability, as they’re the two least affordable states to live in. They scored slightly better in quality of life and healthcare, but not enough to drag them up from the bottom, especially because the cost is still there for both those factors. New York might have mediocre hospitals and fun plays to go to, but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. And that’s after taxes.

To create the list, WalletHub’s authors compared America’s 50 states on affordability, quality of life, and healthcare. Then, after establishing those three main categories, they subdivided them into 47 different metrics. Those sub metrics included everything from tax-friendliness to the life expectancy in the state, with each main category being graded out of a possible 100 points. Read more