(VIDEO) Bill Maher Just Destroyed Every Liberal In America With These SIX WORDS!

Why are conservatives praising Bill Maher all of the sudden? He’s still a liberal, still openly supports liberal positions, and certainly doesn’t stand for conservative viewpoints, even if he’s sometimes reasonable about political issues on his show.

But that reasonableness is why he’s praised. Though he’s still on the other side about most issues, he, unlike most of the rest of the leftist talking heads, hasn’t gone completely insane nor is he so far left that he doesn’t understand what problems there currently are in America.

Hence why, in what would have been a bizarre segment not too long ago, the “Real Time” host played a clip of Fox News host Dana Perino saying that he should run for president, suggesting that he’s one of the few liberals that hasn’t gone out of his way to alienate Trump supporters and thus might be an electable Democrat. Read more