The Pentagon Has Made A Statement About Wokeness In The Military And You Need To See It

What would you call reports that sailors are spending more time in diversity training than warfighting, General Milley’s famous rant about wanting to understand “white rage,” and the Soviet-like investigations the military is conducting to ensure that no troops are “extremists.”

I would call those things concerning, to say the least. It’s bad news if the military is focused on wokeness and politics rather than warfighting and defeating our nation’s enemies.

The Pentagon, however, is denying such reports, calling them “ridiculous.” That denial came when Pentagon press secretary John Kirby appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” and made the ridiculous argument that it is “ridiculous” to claim the armed forces are too woke.

Those comments came after the anchor Dana Perino asked:

Also, just more back here focusing on some criticism in the U.S. military, that perhaps there’s too much of a leftward tilt, or a wokeness in our military when we face really determined adversaries, committed adversaries in China, Russia, Iran, who maybe don’t have those same kinds of pressures. How do you respond to those criticisms?” Read more