BOOM: Democrat Tulsi Gabbard ACTIVATED! Liberals Are Furious With Her Latest Statement

On Monday, former democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard came out in support of podcast host Joe Rogan as Democrats continue to slander and try to cancel him.

Gabbard unleashed on “zealots of wokeism” for trying to silence opposing voices like Rogan.

“I get the feeling some people are using @joerogan‘s COVID interview as a pretext to silence his voice because he’s not woke. Zealots of wokeism try to censor voices who don’t agree with theirs, because they fear the absurdity and weakness of their positions will be exposed,” Gabbard posted on Twitter.

Gabbard wasn’t the only former Democratic presidential candidate this week to stand up for Rogan. Marianne Williamson also came to his defense as she mentioned his freedom of speech.

“I’m triple vaxxed, but (unless they’re standing for hate or calling for violence) banning someone’s podcast is too much like burning a book to me. Joe Rogan should talk on his podcast about whatever he damn well pleases,” Williamson said on Twitter. Read more