FRIGHTENING: Arizona AG Blasts Brandon with Dire Warning

Brandon’s border policies have been an utter disaster. Thanks to his soft on crime, soft on illegal immigration policies, policies that many in the “global south” have taken as an invitation to run across the border at their pleasure, we’ve experienced a multi-million person invasion.

That invasion has overrun border communities, placed a strain on local law enforcement and Border Patrol, and been an utter disaster for those that want to keep drugs, human trafficking, and the other wages of cartel activity out of America.

Well, Arizona’s AG, Mark Brnovich, has had enough. He appeared on Fox News to rip into Team Brandon for all it has done to open the border to illegals and cartels, blasting the deleterious nature of all Biden has done.

To begin, Brnovich highlighted the proactive step he is taking to deal with the crisis, a lawsuit filed in conjunction with seven other states:

“Well, on numerous levels, Arthel. Thank you for having me on. We actually have multiple pieces of litigation against the Biden administration. They stopped building the border wall. They stopped enforcing deportation of people, deportation orders, a violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Code. Read more