Was It Elon? Some Genius Just Trolled Trudeau In A Hilarious Way

Justin Trudeau, the embattled PM of Canada, has had a rough go of it recently. Between the trucker convoy picking up a massive amount of public support as it rolled across the country, its ability to shut down the nation’s capital, Ottowa, and his ignominious retreat from Ottawa before the truckers got there, he’s been savaged on the internet.

Well, Elon Musk just tossed more wood onto the already-roaring bonfire of anti-Trudeau sentiment and did so in hilarious fashion. The famed CEO and Twitter troll just turned his sites one Trudeau, and the results of what that man’s creative genius to come up with are hilarious.

First, Elon did what he does best and tossed the Canadian PM’s statements back at him, posting on Twitter that “It would appear that the so-called “fringe minority” is actually the government.”


That comment was a not-so-subtle jab at Trudeau, who referred to the massive convoy of truckers, a convoy that brought in millions of dollars in funds for support and has received widespread public acclaim in both Canada and the US, as a “fringe minority.” Read more

7 thoughts on “Was It Elon? Some Genius Just Trolled Trudeau In A Hilarious Way”

  1. Trudeau is molded out of the same cloth as Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe. Both corrupt politicians are in bed w/Communist China.

  2. America is a place where all families and all different races and color can live in harmony. Soros, Obama and Hillary are
    trying to stop us from mixing. When the family is broke up by other people sticking their nose into our American
    family. They are separating us one at a time. They are telling us how we are suppose to feel and what we are
    suppose to think. THEY ARE SEGREGATING US; didn’t Democrats do this before?? We are fighting each other
    making us their puppets. Now they can watch us kill each other over things the government can’t change, or won’t.
    Our history is the power of who we are. We are giving permission to the pediphiles to own and destroy our children’s future.
    How screwed up is a parent who gives up their child to the pedophiles. I was abused by a GAY PEDOPHILE MOLESTER
    who wanted a slave. He had me for 4 to 5 years. He killed my childhood. I lived two lives and I was full of HATE.
    I lost my ability to read and write. I would leave my body when the pain came. That was my life….

    Wake up America, your kids don’t belong to you anymore. The GPM’s will be coming to your home to take your child.
    Your kids are told to squeal on you if you say something negative towards the party. They then take you to a camp to
    never be seen again. Do you realize that we have governors who killed hundreds of people and got away with it: are
    we stupid or what??

  3. Trudeau and Obama are the same ,,butt buddies,,,,they are both frauds and think they are listened to when they open their lying mouth,,,Good luck Canadians ,,you are doing the right thing ,,God bless you

  4. It is a sad thing Trudeau is just like Pedo Joe SENILE and at such a young age. Trudeau needs to stop hiding in the Capital and go out and talk to people not just WHINY IGNORANT LIBERAL POLITICIANS like himself.

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