Video: Philadelphia Teen Serves An Armed Robber Instant Justice After He Attempted To Steal From His Mom – He Now Starts His Legal Battle

Surveillance video shared on social media of a shooting inside a Spring Garden pizza shop last month appears to contradict portions of the initial account shared by police, including the assertion that the shooting victim was shot after he tried to strangle the mother of the teenager who ended up firing on him.

The 28-second video instead shows the would-be robber forcefully reaching for the register — not the cashier — in an apparent attempt to steal money. Within seconds, a 14-year-old behind the counter pulled a gun from his waistband and fired from point-blank range, the video shows. Police had initially said the teen grabbed the gun from beneath a counter.

Bullet or bullets went through the head of one robber and hit the ear of another robber.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

24 thoughts on “Video: Philadelphia Teen Serves An Armed Robber Instant Justice After He Attempted To Steal From His Mom – He Now Starts His Legal Battle”

  1. The robbers had it coming. This needs to happen a lot more and pretty soon it won’t be happening anymore at all.

  2. that is what gun control is all about. he hit what he was aiming at. good job, young man. It is time the liberal communist democrats are voted out of office. America must increase the funding to police and bring back law and order.

  3. Terrence J Kern

    I bet the young man was terrified . For His Mother and for Himself ! Armed Robbery could get a Robber killed ! Anyone thinking about a life of crime should think long and hard about what it could lead to. Now a very young man gets to live with having been forced to kill in self defense .
    He may want to start a Go Fund Me account for His defense !!

    1. Come on man, you think it was ok for a 14 yr. old to be carrying. He probably will turn out to be a good boy, just like the robber. The mother should have had the gun, not the kid.

      1. You should learn some history. Back in the 1950s and before teenagers often took guns to school, and carried them around, and we did not have the problems we see today. He obviously knew how to use it and used it correctly. And Amendment 2 states he has the Right to have it and carry it. And from article it constitutes a classic self-defense situation.

  4. Good for him – very brave – need more like him standing up tp criminals – emboldened bt Soros elected DA’s letting them walk.

  5. If either Bad guy lived it is a bad thing. As for the law suits I say the family of the kid sue the robbers and anyone who files a suit against the kid for a MASSIVE AMOUNT for emotional distress. I mean forcing a child to have to shoot anyone is a bad bad thing.

  6. So, the teen should of said “Time Out – its not right to steal!” That should solve the problem. No right to protect the revenue necessary to run their business. If a thief wants the money, well, he probably has a good reason and the business’s civic duty is to allow the thief to take what they want!

    After all, this is Philadelphia – where crime pays, quite well, with no consequences, except for the legitimate businesses. Its a low cost welfare system for the City and State!

  7. Is the trial beause he only hit the other robber in the ear? Why is there any trial at all. A dirt bag tried to rob a store, was shot and another wounded. Where is there a problem???? Tried to and successfully twarted a robbery!!!

  8. Don’t feel the least bit sorry for what went down. If our government insists on letting criminals roam freely, then it’s only right that the criminal gets their just punishment. Too bad the bullet didn’t go through the head of the 2nd thief as well.

  9. There should be more of this including antifart and Burn-Loot-Murder dirtbags. Shoot em all I say – like the Old West- fewer dirtbags to commit crimes and less for the gutless DA’s to do. Better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6 !

    If you are a dirtbag criminal you deserve to be shot !

  10. The other robber needs to be charged with murder since his involvement in the crime resulted in the death of his accomplice. When someone is engaged in armed robbery there is an immediate threat of murder. Amendment 2 protects the 14 year old. The 14 year did a good job protecting his mom.

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