Agent Provocateur? Canada “Trucker” Advocates Civil War & He Says “We Have Guns And We Will Bring Them Out” (Video)

A convoy of anti-mandate Canadian truckers and their supporters made their way to the country’s capital, Ottawa.

The “Freedom Convoy” was formed in response to a vaccine mandate requiring truckers to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus in order to cross the land border between Canada and the United States.

The mainstream media is trying to show the “radical” side of the protest only!

Another controversial video that the media wants to make viral comes from Canada’s trucker convoy where an elderly man advocates for Civil War!

It was reported that some participants also openly expressed hardline views this week. “I advocate civil war,” Jim Doerksen, a convoy supporter, told Global News in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in central Canada. “If people don’t want to stand up, we’ve got guns – we’ll stand up and we’ll bring ’em out.”

The video that was first shared by local liberal journalists had people divided because one side thnk that this man is just another agent provocateur. Another portion of the people think that this is just another elderly man who speaks honestly and does not give a damn about being “politically correct” Read more

4 thoughts on “Agent Provocateur? Canada “Trucker” Advocates Civil War & He Says “We Have Guns And We Will Bring Them Out” (Video)”

  1. The guy is an obvious plant pretending to be an organizer – but forgot to go to the protests?
    Even Trudeau’s personal photographer was caught on Ottawa disguised as a trucker carrying amongst the Demonstrators a rebel flag with a Semi trailer photo emblazoned on it. He was followed and later identified when he took his balaclava off.

  2. Those on the “Left” will do anything to undermine those who are working to stop their destruction of freedom, prosperity, and life. This is a regular pattern seen through out history. So no one should be surprised to find people promoting violence. The “Left” regularly used violence -just look at what “Left” groups (Communist and NAZIs) did in Germany in the 1920s/1930s and the Bolsheviks did in Russia. Even here in the US the violence done by “Left” on Jan/06/2021 was trying to be stopped by those there to do the actual protest. And remember, the “Left” controlled media will actively distort and lie as well.

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