Evidence Shows Obama Used Kenya as Birthplace Until 2007

This is a simple matter of looking at the records that Barack Obama provided to his literary agent. It is true that Acton & Dystel did publish that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. However, this does not prove where he was born.

Acton & Dystel (now Dystel & Goderich) claimed Kenya was Obama’s birthplace from as early as June 27, 1998 up until between April 3, 2007 to April 21, 2007.

The record had been updated between these two time periods, but his birthplace was never changed to Hawaii until 2007. At that time someone probably realized that would cause problems with his run for President, so they changed it.

Why would he continue to hold on to a false place of birth for so long unless he had used Kenya as his birthplace in order to gain some benefits from it? Or was he indeed born in Kenya?

We can still see the evidence via the Wayback Machine Archive starting on June 27, 1998 on the page where the publisher’s website listed their clients. Obama’s bio read: Read more

12 thoughts on “Evidence Shows Obama Used Kenya as Birthplace Until 2007”

  1. one of the many hoaxes the left has gotten away with. And as investigative journalism is dead and truth is anathema to them and their media propagandists , they are never held accountable.

    1. It doesn’t matter if Barak Obama was born on the space station. His mother was a US citizen and he would automatically be a US citizen.

    2. Jose Rodolfo Gonzales

      Understanding his father was a CIA operative under Sr Bush.
      How do we allow Obama to be the shadow President guiding Biden into a terrible place of war. Do we really think Biden is driving this Train?
      Maybe this is a historic terrible setup to control the President into another Presidents agenda. Something is wrong and no one sees it or cares….

  2. Going with the first claim of birth place as being true(it most likely is) any bills signed into law by him, every executive order signed by him, any accomplishments while in office should be removed from record, and at the very least owebama should be given the option of being in prison or deported from the country with assets gained frozen.
    He is a anti American fraud and a complete joke.

  3. Obama also spent much of his childhood in Indonesia where he attended a school that was a Muslim madrassa. There he was instructed in the Koran and Islamic practices. When he swore to uphold the US Constitution and its form of government, he had his fingers crossed.

  4. Most sane and informed non Democrats knew that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was a FRAUD back then and not eligible to be President.The American people are being screwed over by the most Evil of all humans,Democrats.

  5. Arrest Obama, seize all property, accounts, holdings and assets held by his spouse, and his ‘kids”. Obama is a fraud, so is his “wife” Big Mike. The 2 daughters are not biologically his and claimed, take their assents as well

  6. Biden did a talk to small group of people after he left office telling them he was the first president born in another country, KENYA. I saw the video but of course it was eventually taken down. I read an article in one of the many sources I have explaining Obama’s paper work for candidacy had to be changed. Two men worked on 200 pages of his application so he could run. What we did not know was he was running to help begin tearing down the USA. He followed a small plan book of about 28 pages. Day one in office he had every terrorist record deleted and everything related to them. He had islamic terror groups work with him in white house, teach islam in schools, funded mosques in other countries and flooded us with islamic refugees without our knowledge costing over 800 million dollars an ongoing financial support. There is a a hell of a lot more. Hillary was his puppet who was to be elected to have title only and be directed as to what to do to end the USA as we know it. Those plans were disrupted so the 2020 election fraud put them back on track.

  7. A President must be a ‘natural born citizen’. This means BOTH PARENTS must be Citizens at the time of his birth. Obama Sr. was NEVER A CITIZEN; therefore Hussein was not eligible to run for the Office. His entire Presidency – 2 terms – are null and void. And all involved should be in prison. Or Hanged.

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