(VIDEO) CA High School Barricades Maskless Children In Gym, Staffer Turns Down Thermostat To “Freeze Them Out”

The conflict between “woke” schools demanding COVID vaccinations and students whose families are rejecting the vaccines for their children due to the CDC’s data showing very, very low infection rates for those under 18, is increasing.

As children returned to in-person learning last fall, multiple stories of abuse started getting reported nationwide.

In December a short video appeared showing a group of children sitting on “buckets” outside a school and eating lunch, which was shared widely online, drawing anger and criticism from parents.

On January 2nd, Lakeview Elementary principal Heather Frazier emailed parents. She informed them that students would eat outside for the first week of the new year. Parents were livid. Read more

9 thoughts on “(VIDEO) CA High School Barricades Maskless Children In Gym, Staffer Turns Down Thermostat To “Freeze Them Out””

  1. Anybody call the local Fire Marshal? How about the cops to report the commission of a felony by the school officials for violating the Fire Code and placing the students lives in danger?

  2. The people who did this should be charged with attempted murder and other related criminal charges. That is what they were trying to do. Remember, everyone knows masks do not protect one from the COVID-19/Wuhan/Fauci virus.

  3. William J Stephens

    What is wrong with people? Who was the “staffer” that turned the thermostat down, and who put up the barricades? How paranoid and childish can they be to go to those lengths because of a virus that is no worse than the common yearly flu? People are becoming irrational over this and Biden and the media don’t help.

  4. Where are the parents if these children? They should be standing up to these dictators and demanding that their children be educated, no brainwashed by these vicious criminals. Whoever was responsible for separating and barricading the children in a lockdown should now be sitting in jail awaiting their trial fir child abuse.

  5. Name the school so We The People can call the superintendent AND principal’s office to demand they stop the in humane Nazi tactics. We see we complain and we do NOTHING. This results in propaganda camps instead of teaching the ABC’s. Fire all those involved.

  6. These rotten bastards need to be locked up! In protest, the parents of these kids should march on the school in masse.

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