Horrifying: DC Mayor’s Office Says Killing Off the Unvaccinated is a Necessary Evil

Elliot Tommingo is a DC bureaucrat, and a high-level one at that. In fact, he’s actually the director of the DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs.

As such, you might expect him to watch his words and avoid saying things overly controversial, even if he’s a leftist.

Since he is the guy in charge of running the VA for D.C., he has quite a few responsibilities and should at least try to stay in the graces of those who he’s supposed to be helping out. Even if he has his views, as a high-level government employee he has to stay somewhat non-partisan and neutral, right?

Wrong. Breitbart uncovered some of what he said on Facebook and it’s horrifying. He was calling for “Darwinism” to kill off the unvaccinated, claiming that they deserved to die because of their stance on the jab.

That comment came when he responded on Facebook to a random comment from a guy named Jonathan Lubecky, who posted that he “may go to anywhere that doesn’t have the stupid mandates DC has.”

By “stupid mandates,” he was referring to DC’s, well, stupid mandates, which not only require masks for at least another month but also demand many of DC businesses and museums to demand proof of vaccination from their patrons and visitors and turn away those that haven’t gotten the proper number of Fauci ouchies.

Well, Mr. Tommingo didn’t like Mr. Lubecky’s response, so he lost it and replied with a partially facetious, partially insanely evil comment, saying:

I’ll join you in Cabo man. But I tell ya. If people stopped listening to celebrities, took the vaccine, didn’t eat horse dewormer and/or their own piss…we could lift those mandates soon However, allowing Darwinism to kill off those too foolish to protect themselves is a necessary evil.”

The comment is as nonsensical as it is evil. Read more