Horrifying: DC Mayor’s Office Says Killing Off the Unvaccinated is a Necessary Evil

Elliot Tommingo is a DC bureaucrat, and a high-level one at that. In fact, he’s actually the director of the DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs.

As such, you might expect him to watch his words and avoid saying things overly controversial, even if he’s a leftist.

Since he is the guy in charge of running the VA for D.C., he has quite a few responsibilities and should at least try to stay in the graces of those who he’s supposed to be helping out. Even if he has his views, as a high-level government employee he has to stay somewhat non-partisan and neutral, right?

Wrong. Breitbart uncovered some of what he said on Facebook and it’s horrifying. He was calling for “Darwinism” to kill off the unvaccinated, claiming that they deserved to die because of their stance on the jab.

That comment came when he responded on Facebook to a random comment from a guy named Jonathan Lubecky, who posted that he “may go to anywhere that doesn’t have the stupid mandates DC has.”

By “stupid mandates,” he was referring to DC’s, well, stupid mandates, which not only require masks for at least another month but also demand many of DC businesses and museums to demand proof of vaccination from their patrons and visitors and turn away those that haven’t gotten the proper number of Fauci ouchies.

Well, Mr. Tommingo didn’t like Mr. Lubecky’s response, so he lost it and replied with a partially facetious, partially insanely evil comment, saying:

I’ll join you in Cabo man. But I tell ya. If people stopped listening to celebrities, took the vaccine, didn’t eat horse dewormer and/or their own piss…we could lift those mandates soon However, allowing Darwinism to kill off those too foolish to protect themselves is a necessary evil.”

The comment is as nonsensical as it is evil. Read more

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  1. [“DC Mayor’s Office Says Killing Off the Unvaccinated is a Necessary Evil!”]

    Then there would be nobody left, for between 5 to 7 years from now, the affects of the Covid vaccines, that do not work in preventing anyone from being infected with the Covid viruses, will start killing off the vaccinated people, because it causes morbid heart disease, terrible blood clots, and destroys the natural immune system in the human body.

    Think not, then just remember 7 years from now where you heard this. Then you’ll have wished you would have at least investigated all the Covid vaccines’ side affects, that are actually killing off people right now.

    The Covid vaccines have already proven that they don’t work, and the nonsensical claim that the vaccines reduces and mildens the affects is false, for the omicron variant, when discovered, was reported with very mild flu like affects, which the vaccines have nothing to do with, since most of the people that were infected in Africa, where it was discovered, did not have any vaccines, and it was proven to be very mild in all those people.

    But there is some ulterior motive why the billionaire globalist elites want to force everyone to take the vaccine, except for them, their families, and their friends, since the vaccines are proven not to work, so what is their reason to force people to take a vaccine against a virus that has a proven 99,9% recovery rate.?

    It’s the only way billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros, and all the other global elitists can achieve their goal of reducing the Earth’s human population by 95%, their stated, published, and openly reported goal. Investigate that claim too, if you think it is not true, I dare you!

    1. Today at church included in our prayers was a member who is currently suffering from a blood clot. I’d bet substantial money that this was someone who was ‘vaxed’ and ‘protected’ against covid. Well what protection the vax gives, does not last long – but the clots and other damage can come along who knows how long afterward.

      1. When one learns what the COVID-19/Wuhan/Fauci virus injections do you are probably correct. The injections are killing people. One has to wonder if we are end the end-times as pointed out in Daniel and Revelations.

  2. This is what you expect from a socialist/communist (Democrat). Who apparently is oblivious to the 20,000 reported, 200,000 estimated, deaths from the vaccine, plus nearly a million serious health side effects from the vaccine, plus apparent vaccine damage to the immune system causing double or triple the number of deaths from other pathogens versus previous years. (Check out the reports from life insurance companies.) Vote ALL Democrats OUT of office!

    1. I’ve seen the videos of people injured by the ‘vaccine’, who now have such bad nervous system issues they can’t walk, or they lay there having spasms, or have been in the hospital half a dozen times and are now on a series of assorted visits to help them recuperate from the damage the vax did to them. And of course there are the posts about people who died from it, some as soon as within a day of getting it. Saddest and most aggravating, many of these people had already had covid and had natural protection, but either were forced or misled into getting the ‘vaccine’ and did not need it at all. IMO it takes a lot of GALL to tell another human being ‘you must get injected with this ‘vaccine’ just because we are telling you to.’ Thankfully I have never taken it and for now I won’t take ANY vaccine because I do not trust the drug companies or the government to not try and ‘accidentally’ get it into me. Which BTW has happened to people who thought they were getting a flu shot.

  3. Given the FACTS about the Vaccine the CDC let out it will be the Vaccinated who die off. The Vaccine gives ZERO immunity to Covid. It does however turn the Vaccinated into Carriers of Covid and makes them more susceptible to variants and a real nasty one is making the rounds. The vaccine also causes heart problems in many younger people and blood clots in others. The Vaccine has also killed more than Covid. This this WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER FILLED OTHERWISE EMPTY SKULLED MORON might want to think on that.

    1. Make sure to call it what it is – Covid, or ‘the China virus’, but not the flu. We have had actual VACCINES for the actual FLU, and they were not this mRNA poison.

  4. Red State Rider

    If the vaccines work, why are the powers that be so afraid of those who did not take the vaccines ? They will die anyway. If the vaccines don’t work, then demanding that all take the vaccines is only an unlawful power grab by a tyrannical government. Also, since those who have had Covid have natural immunity are also mandated to take the vaccines, it seems that this order in an unlawful power grab by a tyrannical government. Since the government demands vaccination of those with immunity and those with conditions that indicate possible or probably adverse reactions to the vaccines actually proves that vaccine mandates are a power grab by tyrants who masquerade as the POTUS and members of Congress.

    1. Generally – with REAL vaccines, anyhow – people who have already had measles, mumps, chicken pox etc. are advised to NOT get vaccines against those diseases, as they have natural protection and may be worse off getting vaccinated. Of course the mRNA garbage has the ability to make anyone worse off. It takes monumental gall to tell someone they have to put that crap into their body.

  5. Someone should tell Tommingo it’s a two way street. Just like the liberal commie Democrats, rounded up all the Japanese Americans in WWII, took away their property and placed them in camps, only the liberal commie Democrats should be rounded up and eradicated as a necessary evil, otherwise America is going to wind up with a government patented after Communist China.

    1. Look on the bright side, it’s mostly the Leftist / Democrat / Biden / Woke people who are so slavishly running out to get vaxed so if / when the worst comes about, it’ll be more of them suffering from it. I’ll bet a far lower percentage of conservatives have been so anxious to be obedient.

    1. I would regard any attempt to force that crap into me or my son as a deadly assault and do whatever is necessary to prevent it.

  6. I would rather allow Darwinism to kill off certain political figures who are too diluted to realize they are senile, useless, and unwanted. Let’s go Brandon

  7. And yes, as a vaccinated person, you will be dead soon from a nasty cocktail of AIDS, blood clots, seizures, myocarditis, heart attacks, aneurysms and other excruciating consequences from taking the fake vaccine. Enjoy

  8. Every – EVERY – such comment by the Covid zealots begins with the automatic assumption that it is 100% true that masks stop the virus and that the ‘vaccine’ stops the virus. The first words out of their mouths make it clear that is what they believe despite the fact that both facts are quite provably false, and in fact their remedies for the ‘pandemic’ cause more harm than good.
    It takes a ton of gall to insist that other human beings allow themselves to be injected with a poorly-tested, proven ineffective and sometimes dangerous mRNA compound – despite the blatantly false (“carefully tested and monitored”) claims of the CDC and / or FDA.

  9. The virus could go away tomorrow entirely and these same people would be demanding that ‘vaccination’ still be required and masks still be worn. This is not about disease, this is about control, obedience, and subservience – bowing down to government authority.

  10. By now most Americans should realize that better than 99% have either never had COVID or have gotten it and survived. Most of the deaths that have occurred are in the 75 and up age category. Yet those on the Left and anyone listening to the Leftist MSM would have people believe that if you don’t get “vaccinated”, you will surely die. They also act as if the only use for Ivermectin is as a horse de-wormer when it has been known for decades that it also has antiviral properties. People in authority know better but continue to voice these lies. They will one day, hopefully, be held responsible for their willful deception.

    1. Now there are some – including the pharma companies – who are pushing to have BABIES injected with this crap. BABIES! What kind of moron would allow their infant to get that experimental toxic stuff injected with the ‘vaccine’? Sadly some of the big ‘vax booster’ parents who posted online how excited they were to be ‘fully vaxed’, soon after posted ‘we lost the baby’. One posted ‘I am so excited my baby will get antibodies from my breast milk!’ and two weeks later the baby was DEAD. I feel bad for those people as they were duped and probably meant well, but now they have to suffer for it. I wonder if any of them have put two and two together yet…

  11. It’s the “vaxxed” who will be dying off in the next 18 months to 3 years. Of course, the illnesses that the “vaxxed” incur will not be blamed on the “jabs”. Even now, adverse reactions to the “vaxxes” are not being recorded or entered into the VAERS database.
    It’s all by design…

  12. Ironic that these liberal socialist and communist Democrats keep telling us how bad the USA is because of the things that our federal government has done in the past, like the concentration camps set up for the Japanese immigrants during WWII, but those camps didn’t kill any Japanese US citizens, like the Democrats forced experimental Covid vaccines are killing the American people, and will kill them in the future, by long strings of blood clotting in the capillaries, that they are now finding in all our mortuaries, and that never existed before these experimental Covid vaccines.

    This is just one way these experimental Covid vaccines are killing people, as there are many other ways the vaccines are attacking the human body, and will kill more people in time, who’s future has been highly shortened by these experimental Covid vaccines. So don’t worry about this idiot wanting to kill the only people that are going to exist after these experimental Covid vaccines do their thing on those who were forced to take them and voluntarily took them.

    The scientists are now trying to figure a way to prevent this, and if they finally do, will then appraise the American people of this dilemma, but only when they find the cure for it, and until then will try to keep it secret.

    Today 80% of the people that are being infected with the Covid virus are those who have been fully vaccinated with an experimental Covid vaccine, and half of them have had at least one or more of the booster shots, proving to intelligent people that these Covid vaccines do not work in what they were designed to do, prevent the infection of the Covid virus.

    The people who are being hospitalized and dying from the Covid virus today, 90% of them are those who have taken a Covid vaccine and booster shots, while only 10% hospitalized and dying are the unvaccinated.

    The Covid virus has a natural recovery rate of more than 99%, making intelligent people to wonder why the federal government and medical institutions are forcing people to take these experimental Covid vaccines, that have proven to cause many terrible side-effects, and have also been killing many people, especially our athletes and the very healthy people, who are dying by heart attacks and strokes brought on by the Covid vaccines.

    Today there are more people dying from the Covid vaccines, than are dying from the Covid virus.

  13. This little fool should be very careful just whom he threatens to kill! It could come back to sting him in the back of the head sometime.

  14. A politician saying “Killing babies a necessary evil”….That’s like saying killing children in the holocaust was a necessary evil.
    Yes it’s a fair comparison because over 60 million children have been killed in Americas “Child Holocaust” far less than the WWII genocide
    So far, and unlike Nuremberg…no politicians or doctors have been executed for their crimes which eclipse WWII holocaust in staggering numbers

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