Rand Paul Vows to Do This to Fauci if the GOP Reclaims Control

Rand Paul has it out for Fauci, and for good reason. Whereas Rand Paul is focused on American greatness and individual liberty, Fauci the lying, wizened bureaucrat is much more focused on TV appearances and forcing others to bend the knee and comply with his random, tyrannical diktats.

So, the two have a very poor relationship, as can be seen anytime Fauci and Rand clash during hearings; Rand always wins, but Fauci has a way of turning what should be a simple question from the senator into a battleground.

Well, while Fauci is likely looking for the next leftist outlet to appear on to further boost his ego, Senator Rand Paul is looking ahead to the future and determining what would be the best avenue of attack for taking on the public health tyrant.

Now, he’s apparently found it, or at least found a strategy that he thinks will be effective in helping him fight and defeat Fauci. He, according to MSN, is now saying that the GOP will subpoena Fauci when it retakes Congress in the 2022 red wave. Specifically, when appearing on Lisa Boothe’s podcast, he said:

If we win in November, if I’m chairman of a committee, if I have subpoena power, we’ll go after every one of [Fauci’s] records. We’ll have an investigator go through this piece by piece because we don’t need this to happen again.” Read more