Second Amendment Works – California Store Owner Takes Matters Into His Own Hands And Stops Would-Be Robbers (Video)

Store owners at the Tanforan Mall have been on high alert. Over the last week, robbers have been targeting the mall’s jewelry stores.

One business owner was able to keep these smash and thieves from stealing his merchandise and he’s hoping this group doesn’t return.

The attempted smash-and-grab robbery of the Maaz Jewelers store happened on Jan. 21 at 1:06 p.m. inside the Tanforan Mall., according to a press release by the San Bruno Police Department.

Five males approached the store, according to the press release, and one of them pulled out a crowbar when entering the jewelry store. The owner shouted at the male to stop, but he continued to smash a glass display case.

The male turned towards the owner of the jewelry store and raised the crowbar, but the store owner pointed his firearm, which was carried lawfully, at the male, according to police.

After the store owner pointed his firearm at the male, the male left, but another individual drew a firearm at the store owner.

The store owner responded by pointing his firearm at the male, and the group ran away.

Watch the video here