Video: Hero Crossing Guard Hurt Herself But Saves A Child From Being Hit By A Driver Who Was Texting On Her Phone

A crossing guard in Cecil County, Maryland, is being hailed as a hero after pushing a young student out of the way of an oncoming car — putting her own life at risk to save the child.

School bus surveillance video shows the moment a car drove through the crosswalk, just as a student was crossing.

Goodyear, wearing a bright orange jacket and a hat, can be seen giving a “stop” signal with her hand as a child begins to enter a crosswalk flanked by yellow pedestrian signs

Just as the student crosses the middle of the slick road, a black sedan zooms into view. Goodyear immediately grabs the student and shoves them to the other side of the street out of harm’s way while she’s clipped by the vehicle, video shows.

The driver immediately stops and gets out while Goodyear lays with her back on the ground in pain. The driver and several witnesses rush to help.

Police said Goodyear was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries and was released.

You can watch the video here