(VIDEO) True Leadership! High Schooler Rallies His Peers against Mask Mandates

Young Americans get a bad rap. Thanks largely to how much millennials whine and complain about every issue, older Americans tend to think that all young people are leftists that blindly follow whatever fools like AOC and her ilk are saying online.

But that’s untrue. While many Gen Z kids are awful and epitomize what is terrible about America right now, following in the worst footsteps of the spoiled, radical millennials, many others are brave patriots that are standing up for what is right even as everything and everyone around them demands that they conform.

That was recently seen in a video shot in Washington, where a young hero with a killer mullet brilliantly rallied his peers to protest the mask mandate still in force at their school, Washougal High School. Watch him and his rousing, terrific speech here:

As you can hear, he yells at his fellows to behave in an upright, righteous and peaceful manner, saying “We want this to be a peaceful, respectful movement. We’re just trying to gain back our rights as citizens.” Read more