BREAKING: Ottawa Police Begin Raid – Seizing Gas, Food & Propane For Truckers, Cut Off Their Supply Route (Videos)

Ottawa police moved to cut off fuel supplies to the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrators occupying downtown Ottawa, hours after Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing demonstration.

The 43-mile long Freedom Convoy started in Vancouver more than a week ago and reached Ottawa last Friday night.

Dozens of armed police officers and firefighters moved into a parking lot at the Ottawa Baseball Stadium on Coventry Road just before 7 p.m. Sunday, seizing 3,200 liters of fuel being stored in the parking lot.

Authorities announced that anyone providing “material support” to the demonstrators would be subject to arrest from midnight last night.

Asked whether “material support” included necessities like food and water, a police spokesperson told that the announcement “relates to hazardous materials that represent a public safety or fire hazard.”

Police had previously barricaded key crossing points throughout the area and closed numerous roads in a bid to halt the delivery of trucks with tanks full of fuel reaching the convoy.

Videos soon emerged of people being arrested and police seizing fuel from protesters. You can watch here

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ottawa Police Begin Raid – Seizing Gas, Food & Propane For Truckers, Cut Off Their Supply Route (Videos)”

  1. These Gestapo like tactics is something Communist China would do. Whoever said there was Democracy in Canada has their head up a horses rear. Canada is a socialist country. The one country the PM and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe have in common is Communist China. Both these two corrupt politicians are in bed with Communist China. Canada is no friend of the U.S. If Canada was such a good friend and ally of the U.S., the PM should be asked why the Canadian military had a contract with the PLA to teach cold weather warfare tactics, and for what purpose?

  2. No shooting by protesters if cops approach and try to take fuel!

    Protesters can calmly surround and disarm each cop and then release him, no one gets shot.

    Make the outnumbered cowardly marxist Canadian Government shoot unarmed protesters, men women and children, first.

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