Video: Pro VAX-Protester Caught Faking Getting Hit By Freedom Convoy Truck – Freedom Protesters Reacted In The Best Way Possible

A-Pro VAX-Protester who decided to counter-protests the Freedom Convoy in Canada was caught on camera being “struck” by a pickup truck flying a Trump flag and by “struck” we mean the protester walked into the moving vehicle and then flopped on the ground hoping everyone would think it was real.

On Sunday, we saw the person who we may just have to give the Oscar for Worst Swan Dive While Faking Getting Hit by a Freedom Convoy truck. Now, as far as acting jobs go, this is truly awful. First, he blocks the truck with the Trump flag on it and then pretends that it hits him as he rolls off of it and falls to the ground. It’s not even close to looking real. This is the left — all in one fake nutshell.

Watch the video here