WATCH: CNN Host Don Lemon Cries About Being Gay And Resignation of CNN President Jeff Zucker

CNN Host Don Lemon has finally addressed his former boss, Jeff Zucker’s, resignation for refusing to disclose a consensual relationship with a fellow co-worker. Lemon opened up his show as if he was performing an eulogy for Zucker and with teary eyes, Lemon gave thanks to Zucker for giving him a chance to have his own show.

Lemon, who was noticeably choked up, would go on to tell his viewers that CNN  staff members are heartbroken because the network has lost its leader. Don Lemon would continue to shower Zucker with praise and say that the former President of CNN changed his life and is the sole reason that he has been able to have a prime time show as a “gay Black man”.

According to Deadline, Lemon would go on to say:

“It has been hard to come into work this week, not only for me but for so many of us here at CNN, my colleagues, 3,000 of us, more than 3,000 of us. So let me just say this to my colleagues who may not have been here as long as I have the younger folks who haven’t weathered the storms,” Lemon continued. “I’ve been at this network for almost 16 years. We have been through ups and downs ratings, rating highs, rating lows, everything, regime changes, we’ve been through a lot. And through it all our mission has remained the same to deliver the facts to deliver the news. It is what we did when Ted Turner turn the lights on here. It is what we did through two Gulf Wars, through 911, through Katrina, through an insurrection.”

Did you notice how Lemon put January 6th on the same level as 911 and Hurricane Katrina? CNN, through Zucker’s leadership, has pushed propaganda for the past several years, and has gone overboard on the January 6th riot in an attempt to Quelch free speech and demonize Trump supporters. Read more