Details: Emails PROVE Crackhead Hunter Biden Tried to Broker a $120 Million Oil Deal With China

In an exclusive report, the Mail Online revealed it has gained access to emails proving that Joe Biden’s son Hunter was in touch with former Kazakh prime minister Karim Massimov, attempting to arrange a $120 million deal for a gas pipeline.

Throughout Trump’s Presidential election campaign, Hunter Biden’s laptop was a controversial subject to say the least. The FBI even seized a laptop reportedly belonging to Hunter following an ongoing investigation into his foreign business dealings, particularly in China and Ukraine, including whether organizations connected to the businessman violated tax and money laundering laws.

The Biden campaign and Joe Biden himself vehemently rejected these allegations and Hunter seemed to suffer a memory lapse about whether the laptop ever belonged to him in the first place. Hilariously, the controversy saw many Trump fans waving “Hunter’s Laptop Matters” signs.

The furor eventually seemed to die a death.

Hunter is now in hot water again, as the Mail Online posted an exclusive report claiming to have access to emails proving Hunter Biden had been working with a Chinese oil company in Kazakhstan which is now under US sanctions, and a former Kazakh prime minister has now been accused of treason.

The energy deal between Kazakhstan and China involved one of China’s state largest oil firms, State China Offshore Oil Corporation, which faced sanctions in 2020 and in 2021 for accusations that the firm was involved in China’s “coercive behavior in the South Sea”.

The emails obtained show the President’s son travelled between Beijing and Kazakhstan between 2014-2015. He also arranged a deal for a Ukrainian gas firm, Burisma, for which he was a board member. Read more