Watch: Psaki Gives Bizarre Response When Asked about the Cost of Oil

When asked about the problematic oil prices during a recent press conference, prices so high that the cost of a barrel of oil is nearing $100, far above what it was during the Trump Administration, Paski not only gave her typical non-answer but also tried to play it off as not a problem because of “green energy.”

It began when a reporter pressed her on how Biden is dealing with oil prices by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, something that so far hasn’t been effective, asking:

So, President Biden said with oil prices, that he released the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and that brought down prices. It was actually on that day the price of oil actually rose, and it went down for the Omicron variant as the fears of lockdown.

Today oil prices are $91, more than $91 a barrel. Are other any considerations from the administration for reversing any of the policies or regulations or removing some to encourage more drilling in the U.S. for future demand?

Psaki gave one of her typical responses, attempting at the same time to both dodge the question and present the issue as not really a problem and, in the process, failing at both. She, instead of answering the question and saying whether Biden will encourage more oil production, said:

Well, let me tell you what we are doing. Of course, we of course tapped the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, sometimes that takes some time to be digested into the system.

We’ve also worked with the number of countries around the world to do something similar. We been engaged with OPEC nation countries about the need for the supply available to meet the demand. Read more

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  1. Anyone that believes one word of any demonrat in office is dumber than any retarded chicken on the farm.
    They lie everytime they open their mouth. And do everything in their power to destroy what this country once stood for, steal from the taxpayers and increase their bank accounts while they kill anyone, anyway they can, that stands in the way of their progress of getting rich off the backs of the people they represent.

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