EPIC: Does Biden’s Brain Work? Look What The GOP Is FINALLY Demanding!

Biden’s cognitive decline is incredibly obvious. Though he’s always been gaffe-prone and has struggled with a speech impediment since childhood, something he managed to overcome, it’s become obvious that those things aren’t to blame. Rather, his mental slide is to blame, and that slide from 0 to…negative brain cells is continuing.

As a result, many in the GOP are using Biden’s mental collapse to their advantage, demanding that he prove his brain still works by submitting to a cognitive test.

That’s according to Fox News, which reports that more than 40 GOP lawmakers in the House are pressing for Biden to take the test, with 37 of them joining Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), himself a former physician to the president, in filing a letter asking Biden to do so and expressing their “concern” with his “cognitive state.”

Writing to Fox News Digital about the email and the push for Biden to take a cognitive test, Rep. Jackson said “My colleagues and I are again asking President Biden to immediately undergo a formal cognitive screening exam, such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA).

Fox also reports that Jackson said, in the email, that “As a former physician to three Presidents of the United States, I know what it takes mentally and physically to execute the duties of Commander-in-Chief and Head of State. Joe Biden has continually proven to me and to the world that something isn’t right. The American people deserve to have absolute confidence in their President’s cognitive ability.” Read more

6 thoughts on “EPIC: Does Biden’s Brain Work? Look What The GOP Is FINALLY Demanding!”

  1. It’s about time ! The most powerful person in the world must not be allowed to stay in office if he suffers from any type of cognitive impairment. What are the democrats thinking…or is it a carefully orchestrated situation ???

  2. Biden appears less than competent and his administration is on the wrong side of almost every decision made whether domestic or foreign policy issues.people need to know who is in charge due to americas decline.

  3. What should be required of anyone wanting to hold elected office is that they pass a comprehensive test on the CONSTITUTION and their desired job as set out in the CONSTITUTION. If they cannot score a 90 or higher hey should be barred from running.

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