The MSM Tries To Create The “New George Floyd” But Fails Miserably As Photo Shows That The Suspect Is Reaching For The Officers’ Gun (Photo & Video)

An Indiana police officer Jon Selke is being accused of police brutality after a controversial arrest of a Black man, and much of the arrest was recorded by his girlfriend.

On social media, the victim has been identified as Purdue student Adonis Tuggle. “I NEED HELP!!!” he posted Wednesday on Instagram. “Please share this to as many ppl as possible and spread the news.”

The junior in the College of Health and Human Sciences was arrested for resisting law enforcement, according to Purdue police logs, but he says he didn’t resist.

The footage shows the officer in a scuffle – pinning Adonis on the snow-covered ground while he screams out in pain. It appears the cop is holding Tuggle down by pushing his elbow into his neck and/or face. The woman recording is yelling at the officer to stop and complains the cop is hurting her boyfriend.

“Stop! You’re hurting me,” Tuggle said on the video. “You’ve been disrespectful the whole time, bro,” he said.

The woman yells at Selke to get his arm off of Tuggle’s neck, after which, Tuggle yells, “You’re choking me.”

“Stop,” Tuggle’s girlfriend is heard screaming in the video. “Get off of him! Get off of him!”

She actually taps the officer at one point, and he tells her he’ll Taser her if she does it again. As more officers arrive, she is heard saying, “Please help. This officer won’t get off his neck. He’s has taken it too far.”

It’s unclear from the video how much pressure Selke uses.

You can watch the video here

3 thoughts on “The MSM Tries To Create The “New George Floyd” But Fails Miserably As Photo Shows That The Suspect Is Reaching For The Officers’ Gun (Photo & Video)”

  1. IDIOTS create Floyd’s everyday. Floyd was saying he could not breath the instant he saw police. They had not even gotten a hand on him. It was the official autopsy report that Floyd died from years of drug abuse and it was an Overdose that was his cause of death. Chauvin May have contributed to Floyd’s death but even had Chauvin or any other person touched Floyd he was going to DIE. Now this may sound crap but better he died on the sidewalk than driving on the roads of town. He lied about being Claustrophobic. If he was he could not have driven to the store he was trying to steal from with counterfeit bills.

  2. Once a police officer has a suspect restrained, why don’ t they remove him from the scene immediately? Why do they take their time? There is no reason to kneel on someone’s back for any length of time.
    In the Chauvin / Floyd case, Chauvin took his time instead of immediately removing Floyd from the scene. This didn’t make Chauvin look good and actually contributed to his conviction. Floyd was a POS who contributed to his own demise.
    Police need to change their methods…

  3. It doesn’t matter to brain washed liberals only skin color matters.
    George Floyd was a life long thug, criminal who was resisting arrest, fight the police and died of an overdose he took himself. Now he’s a saint to the whiny hypocrites.

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