Ontario Piles On MORE Rules To Cancel Freedom Truckers

Thick snow blankets the frozen ground and the air is bitter cold, but despite all odds, the Freedom Truckers have stood their ground for over a month now against the wrath of the draconian establishment.

Since January 9th, truckers have been gathering in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. From the 28th of January on, the ‘Freedom Convoy’ moved Eastward to other major Canadian cities, parking bumper-to-bumper, blocking highways and bringing traffic to a stand-still.

Hordes of diverse people of all races, ages, and creeds have since joined the protest. Families sit huddled around make-shift fires while the Maple Leaf flags fly proudly overhead.

No-one at the rallies have reported any “swastika waving”, despite the ludicrous statement made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week in a lazy attempt to dismiss the valid concerns raised by the campaigners.

Trudeau would do well to acknowledge the inconvenient truth that the Freedom Convoy is not an anti-vax protest at heart, but an outcry born out of a far deeper concern about permanent loss of liberty. Read more