BREAKING: Melania Trump Is Now Being Investigated And The Reason Why Will Boil Your Blood

Former First Lady Melania Trump has become a subject of a state government inquiry in Florida for selling high-dollar tickets to an event scheduled for April while promising to give a portion of the proceeds to charity — although, at least as of recently, a charity under organizational names identified in relation to the event apparently had not been registered in the state of Florida, as required by law. Ticket packages for the event, which has been billed as a “tulips and topiaries high tea,” run as high as $50,000, and it’s been claimed, The New York Times explains, ‘that some of the profits will benefit an initiative of [Melania’s] “Be Best” endeavor called “Fostering the Future,” meant to provide computer-science scholarships to young people who have been in foster care’ — but again, a registered charity under either of those names apparently hasn’t been found in Florida.

The fake news media accused our former First Lady of stealing money without even showing real proof of this and many Americans decided to show what they think of the latest fake news media attack on President Trump and his family:


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Melania Trump Is Now Being Investigated And The Reason Why Will Boil Your Blood”

  1. She doesn NEED to steal money! Enough is ENOUGH by the marxist scum! They are so freaking ENVIOUS of this FIRST LADY its pathetic. Why dont they invesigate all the money stolen by hunter and joe biden from the chinks and russians.???????

  2. This is another attempt to destroy Trump and the family with false propaganda! If people would just sit down and look closely at what the false media and the government are doing! They would see the truth about what is going on! We are on the steps of becoming a dictatorship country! Basically! A communist country! Ask yourself one question! How many products has China on it? And who’s the country that is about to invade the Ukraine? And what has he done to protect the southern Boarder from the invasion from Mexico? NOTHING! He wants to bring wages down! And raise prices up for his buddies! While the Americans suffer! How many jobs and business was lost since he took office? Watch what happens next! Gas prices are high again! But, there most likely be a gas shortage down the line! I hope I’m wrong on that part. All I’m saying is. Open your eyes and pay attention to what’s going on! Or your going to get run over by it! GOD BLESS “AMERICA “!

  3. Edited piece; They wouldn’t say what is going on! Because, we are on the steps of becoming coming a socialist country! If anyone that’s above the age of 55! And have grandchildren! Ask them about communist country! I bet they don’t have any idea! I found that out with my granddaughter and grandson! Schools are failing our children! Remember! If we don’t don’t teach our children about the pass! We are bound to repeat it!

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