Breaking: Federal Judge Just DESTROYED Biden’s Climate Agenda a Major Blow!

Democrats have latched onto the “climate change” narrative, insidiously using it to push their woke agenda, defending various bans, crackdowns on conservative-leaning industries like oil production, and even attacks on Bitcoin as necessary to “protect the environment.”

President Biden is no different. In fact, he quickly proved himself just another one of the climate apparatchiks as soon as he entered office, with one of his first acts as president being a radical climate change-focused action.

In fact, on Biden’s very first day in office, he signed a climate change-focused executive order that radically increased the cost per ton of carbon dioxide emissions.

As Fox News reports, under Trump, the cost estimate for carbon dioxide was relatively low because it was US-centric, but when Biden signed his executive order he went along with the globalist consensus and raised it dramatically. In that outlet’s words:

President Joe Biden on his first day in office restored the climate cost estimate to about $51 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions after the Trump administration had reduced the figure to about $7 or less per ton. Former President Donald Trump’s estimate included only damages felt in the U.S. versus the global damages captured in higher estimates that were previously used under the Obama administration.

Well, a federal district judge in Louisiana just barred Biden from using that higher cost estimate, at least for now.

That judge, U.S. District Judge James Cain, sided with the Republican AGs that had filed suit over the cost increase and said in his decision that Biden’s decision to raise the figure from $7 to $51, an increase that resulted from his decision to factor in “social costs” related to petroleum production, was impermissible. Read more

3 thoughts on “Breaking: Federal Judge Just DESTROYED Biden’s Climate Agenda a Major Blow!”

  1. Anyone who has looked at the real science knows CO2 is not a problem. CO2 is critical to plants prospering. The simple fact is when we, here in the US at least, cleaned up the environment in the 1970s the “Environmentalist” needed something else to rant about. They switch to climate change, global cooling and global warming over the years. Consider, no one is pushing to get rid of the use of d-hydrogen oxide, which causes all sorts of deaths, destruction of plants and animals, damages the land, and so forth. People need to look behind the curtain the find the real agenda of these people and groups. Invariable it is about control and reducing the population.

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