Video: Karen Ends Up Landing On Top Of A Freedom Protester’s Car Brags About It Online – The Police ‘May Lay Charges’

A Freedom protester in Canberra has filmed an act of road rage as a local driver runs into their car and shouts abuse through her window.

The two vehicles were parked at a set of traffic lights when, after a small incident, the protester got out of their car to ask the woman behind for her licence – as is standard practice after an accident.

“What are you doing?” asks the protester, filming the incident.

“What are you doing – you f**king bogan sl*t?” replies the local driver. “Get the f**k out of Canberra. Go and get a job and find something better to do with f**king time. What have you done?”

“Can I please have your licence?”

“You just reversed into me. I have a f**cking camera-”

Ah … sorry. We’re at a traffic light and you-”

“Sweetheart, the media doesn’t care about you.”

The protester walks around to the other side of the car, still attempting to get the Canberra woman’s licence details.

The local leans against her steering wheel and asks, “What are you looking for?”

“Don’t you worry-”

At which point something seems to knock the protester and her camera, although it is not clear if she was pushed by someone.

“Did you see that?” says the local.


“Yeeeeeeah! So get the f**k out of Canberra! There are a lot of us.” The Canberra woman grins, and then starts to drive off without providing her details following an accident.

The Canberra woman speeds off, misjudges, and drives straight into the side of the protester’s car, almost tipping her own vehicle over with the force of the collision. Her car ends up suspended on two wheels, leaning against the car she has just struck.

“YOU F**KING IDIOT!” shouts the freedom protester, horrified by watching her car crashed into.

Watch the video here